Collecting Artist Signed Postcards


Vintage Advertising Postcard

Artist Signed Postcards: Over the years, postcards have been designed by many high quality artists.  Although there are some famous postcard artists, often postcard art is not attributed to any particular artist.  There is a collectible subset of postcards, however, that have been signed by the artist.  These postcards are known simply as Artist Signed Postcards.  These postcards have a signature or initials of the artist on the front.  Knowing the artist who created a postcard can make that card more interesting to collectors.  It can also be a clue to the postcard's age. 

Some postcard artist are more popular and sought after than others.  Well-known postcard artists who are currently popular with collectors of old postcards include:

Mabel Lucie Attwell:(1879 - 1964)  British illustrator of books, advertisements, posters, and calendars.  Extremely popular for her illustrations of chubby, appealing toddlers during the 1930s and 1940s.

Molly Brett: (1912-1990)  British artist.  Illustrator of children's books, greeting cards, and postcards.  

Frances Brundage: (1854 - 1937).  Illustrator of many children's books.  Many of her works featured wide-eyed Victorian children.

Ellen Clapsaddle: (1863 - 1934).  American artist.  Ellen Clapsaddle was a premier postcard artist with a knack for painting images of cute children.  Clappsaddle's children postcards, both signed and unsigned, are highly collectible.

Harrison Fisher:  (1875 - 1934)  New York artists known for his illustrations of Victorian and Edwardian Beautiful women.

C. Klein: (1861 - 1929)  Catherine Klein.  German artist known for beautiful naturalistic flowers and birds.

Rose O'Neill:  (1874 - 1944)  Pennsylvania artist.  Inventor of the Kewpie doll.  Kewpies featured on many postcards.  1910s - 1920s.

George Studdy: (1878 - 1948) British artist famous for his Bonzo the dog postcards.  Bonzo first appeared in 1922.  

Arthur Thiele:  (1840 - 1915)  German artist of comic postcards featuring cats, dogs and other animals, often dressed in clothing and doing human-like things.

Louis Wain:  (1860 - 1939)  English artist, most famous for drawing cats.  His cat illustrations are well sought after by collectors today.