Collecting Automobile Postcards



Postcards that feature cars, motorcycles, and trucks are of interests to both postcard collectors and automobile enthusiasts. 

Collectors may be interested in a certain make or model of vehicle, or all vehicles of a certain era.  Real Photo postcards are an interesting subset of this category, because many vintage photographs featured the family car or street scenes with lots of old cars. 

Advertising postcards are another popular subset of the automotive category.  Automobile manufacturers published these cards to promote their newest lines.  These advertising cards always feature nice pictures of the cars and details on the make and model.  Dealerships also sent out cards to remind customers to have their vehicles serviced. 

Antique Automobile Advertisement Postcards: 24 Ready-to-Mail Full-Color Cards
From Dover Publications. Includes 24 reproduction postcards from vintage automobile ads.



The Postcard Century
The story of the 20th Century told using images and messages from 2,000 picture postcards.