Collecting Postcards of Boats and Ships

Steamboat PostcardPostcards with pictures of all types of boats and ships are popular with collectors.  There are many different subjects to focus on within this category. 

Collections can center on old sailing ships, old steamboats, military ships, or cruise ships, to name a few.  Old real photo postcard pictures of early sailing vessels and steamboats are some of the only remaining images of these long gone ships.

Navy collectors collect postcards of Navy ships - including submarines.  The Great White Fleet took a trip around the world.  Many postcards were published to commemorate this event and these a quite collectible today. 

Passenger ship collectors look for items such as early ocean liner postcards.  Some of the cruise lines put out attractive poster art style postcards.

Another subject popular with collectors are the early inland passenger ships, such as the steamers that traveled the Great Lakes, the Mississippi, the Hudson, and the Chesapeake Bay.