Collecting Vintage Aviation Postcards


Airplane Postcard

Aviation postcard collectors are interested in cards that show civilian and military planes, zeppelins, and airports.  Collectors may concentrate on a subcategory such as a certain type of aircraft or a particular airline.

During World War I, German, French, and British postcard publishers created cards showing flying aces in dog fights, enemy planes falling in flames, and the wrecks of enemy planes.  These sold well during the war and are now sought after by collectors.

World War II aviation postcards consisted primarily of identification type cards instead of action pictures.  These cards are also sought after by collectors.

Early passenger plane postcards are also collectible, with pictures of plane interiors of particular interest.

Balloon postcards include hot air balloons at state fairs and other events, military balloons of World War I, and Barrage balloons of World War II.